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For centuries, people look up in the sky, looking for any sing of other world. Thousands books about other people and other lives are written. But don’t you know that this desirable thing is closer than we think? While we are looking so far away, we can’t notice the place where all our darest dreams are coming true. All we have to do is to finally see Broadway!

This theatre has its own life, heart beating, which cannot be taken under anyone’s control. There you can travel in any part of time and place – future, past, alternative present – all of it is opened for you. Ladies and gentlemen, get your seats, because we are about to live in the world of theatrical art!

“Humans” are talking about everyday problems, making them funny

“Humans” is a new Broadway show written by Stephen Karam and directed by the living legend Joe Mantello. The plot is quite simple. The story follows Blake’s family who are driving from Pennsylvania to visit their daughter Brigid and her fiancé Richard on Thanksgiving in their newly rented apartment. However, their visit won’t be simple at all. Together with Brigid’s parents, who disapprove of the choice of their loving daughter to leave home and abandon family religion, “Momo”, her grandmother, is coming. She creates lots of troubles, because of her Alzheimer disease, however, most of the situations are rather funny. In addition, Brigid’s lesbian sister Almee, who has just broken up with her girlfriend is about to have a visit as well. When the whole middle class family gathered in a small Manhattan apartment in Chinatown, there will be troubles, no doubts. Usual family talks about politics, economy, illness, aging, beliefs and common issues are becoming more intense and turning into the real family catastrophe.

New witty family comedy on Broadway stage

“Humans” is a totally new show, which has already become the loved one by the audience. Moreover, the book, which show is based on, was a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer price for drama and the show itself has won 2016 Tony award for best play. Critics enjoyed the show as well. Basically, it was characterized as “A profoundly affecting drama that sketches the psychological and emotional contours of an average American family”. Actors are doing their best as it is easier to play someone else than to play a real human, which you really are. Their characters are full of life and ordinary habits, which make you believe that you are now watching a show, but takes part in a usual family drama. All in all, whatever difficult and twisted the relationship of Blake’s family is shown, the show emphasizes on the only thing that really matters, which is love and family attachment.

If you want to see not a show, but something real, be sure that “Humans” will give you all of it and you won’t regret!

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